Unwelcome to Utah County…

First day on the job, usually one is greeted by things like “where were you working before” or “are you from {insert state here}?”

Not in Utah County..

Instead, you get a variety of questions ranging from a sly, “what ward are you in” to the other – more blunt – side of the spectrum “are you mormon?”

This is my hell.

A non-mormon back in Utah. Instead of getting upset and ranting and raving, I’d like to (mostly) anonymously share some real experiences I have about my life here and give you another perspective whether you are or aren’t mormon. Just in case you’re curious about what it looks like from the outside, looking in.

By no means am I a professional writer or blogger, just a bored guy that would like to share some experiences with the world. If I’m right, they may be as entertaining to others as much as they are to me.


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