Another baby…

A coworker of mine just had another baby. He’s 24 or so and works a not so high paying job while his wife is a “stay at home mom” with 2 kids.

This is why we pay into welfare… you’re welcome.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, hell, I wouldn’t dare tell anyone how to live their life. However, it does seem ill-advised. The part that seems most interesting to me is how everyone in the office seems so supportive and excited about it. My suggestion was to buy him a box of condoms as a gift but no one thought that was funny.

Trojan man!

Anyway, let’s celebrate mediocrity and buy him a big present. Personally, I believe positive reinforcement isn’t the answer. No one buys me a gift every time I sleep with a girl and don’t get her pregnant. Maybe I should start announcing when that happens around my predominantly mormon office…

Ever see Idiocracy? I feel like I’m living in that movie.


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