Relief Society, it’s not what you think…

One thing about working in Utah County is that whenever there’s a large group of women, they default to something called “relief society” talk. Sounds like there’s room for a good Bean-o joke, yeah?

Ever see The Stepford Wives?

This morning’s conversation started out with who’s kids went where on their LDS missions, as they usually do.. Then, they quickly started talking about how soon they’d be married or who they were dating. Somehow, the conversation ended up being a competition about their kid’s top college choices.

If my parents planned my life like this, I’d join the circus out of spite.

Now, I’m not saying it isn’t good to be involved in your family’s life. Hell, it’s probably healthy to an extent. This involved though?

Anyway, I really enjoy hearing about all of this at work. It’s nice to know that I’m not an adult because I didn’t go through this right of passage, a mission (of letting my parents plan my life). I absolutely LOVE ostracizing conversations, it’s fantastic.

If you ever wondered what relief society is, now you know… No one knows. What we do know is it involves little or no relief for the youth of Utah.


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