MTC, duh

For those of you that don’t know, there are a lot of strange acronyms that you MUST know about in order to survive on the “streets” of Utah County. One such acronym is MTC, also known as a brainwashing station for soon to be missionaries. This is where they go to be “trained” to go out and spread the word or whatever. They call it an “elite bootcamp” but having been to actual boot camp, I don’t see the resemblance. I imagine a long line of doors with volunteers behind them with a variety of props to keep them on their toes. “Go away” is screamed as one of the volunteers flicks a lit cigarette at one of the missionaries, hell, I’ll volunteer for that one.

Weird shit.

Back to the subject, there are a lot of inside jokes and today I was made aware of one of them… When a new “recruit” shows up at the MTC there are so many of them that they tag the new ones with orange circle stickers or “dork dots” as the joke apparently goes. Apparently today some stickers resembled such a thing at my office and everyone thought it was extremely funny. “Hah hah hah… dork dots… heh.. everyone gets it because we’re all mormon… we know how to have fun.”

Seriously though… lamest. inside. joke. ever.

For those of you that think I sound bitter, it’s because I am… but this is cathartic, I have access to the internet and free time on my hands, so prepare for more posts.


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