Are there non-mormon doctors in Utah?

Fun story, I need a new doctor!

Why, you might ask? Every time I see my doctor here in wonderful Utah County, he makes sure to lecture me on non-marital sex and then suggests a test for HIV. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being safe and getting tested regularly (annually maybe, not every few months). Except for one thing, just because I’m not married doesn’t mean I’m sleeping with everything that moves and not being safe…

Just once I’d like to go see my doctor about a sinus infection and not end up going in for a test for HIV, just once!

Also, does anyone else feel like they’re ordering fast food when they go to a doctor’s office these days? There’s a timer and the doctor has to diagnose you in 10 minutes or less but instead of the bill being free if he doesn’t, it gets exponentially more expensive with each passing minute? Murica.

Anyway, if you’re moving to Utah and aren’t married… don’t? haha… but seriously, prepare for a barrage of judgment from the community as well as from your doctor apparently. It’s a good thing abstinence only training works in schools! Oh wait… It doesn’t…

If anyone knows a doctor in Utah County that is capable of having an adult conversation about sexual health, please comment their name! I’d appreciate it.


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