Are there non-mormon doctors in Utah?

Fun story, I need a new doctor! Why, you might ask? Every time I see my doctor here in wonderful Utah County, he makes sure to lecture me on non-marital sex and then suggests a test for HIV. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being safe and getting tested regularly (annually maybe, not every… Continue reading Are there non-mormon doctors in Utah?

MTC, duh

For those of you that don’t know, there are a lot of strange acronyms that you MUST know about in order to survive on the “streets” of Utah County. One such acronym is MTC, also known as a brainwashing station for soon to be missionaries. This is where they go to be “trained” to go… Continue reading MTC, duh

Unwelcome children of Utah

I grew up in Utah when I was a wee lad and wasn’t allowed to hang out with any of the other kids because my family wasn’t mormon. Eventually a JW and a Catholic moved into the area and I had two friends but that’s a different story. The issue is the feeling that you’re… Continue reading Unwelcome children of Utah